A tactile internet of things device

Recently the height of technology, of interaction, has become the touch screen. This technology has brought many great experiences and innovations, but at its heart it cold, and gives the user little feedback.

But technology is evolving quickly, and starting to diverge from the point where the phone is the beginning and end of every digital interaction.

Designed to a brief exploring ideas for 15 years in the future, Muse sets out to create simple but meaningful interactions with an object in our everyday lives, giving the user reflective, tactile experiences to engage them with something other than a screen.



Looking  to everyday life there are some small interactions that we keep coming back to; twirling hair, popping bubble wrap, playing with something in our hands, things that are simple and often done subconsciously, but at the same time are fixating due to their tactility. These kind of ideas, simple sensory interactions, served as a starting point to explore developing something fixating to the user, and building an eventual experience that holds a sense of meaning.

Initial ideas started by exploring forms that embrace encourage this kind of interaction.

This evolved into thinking about the way a network of small parts could be assembled and reassembled by the user, allowing them to compose and consider through the interaction.

Detailing of the interaction included considering magnets, for the tactility and feedback playing with them brings, and light to support the interaction and draw the user in.






The final design gives the user a range of parts that they can assemble, compose and share at their will. As the pieces are assembled or moved they glow gently.

The user can share a part of their tree with someone close to them, connecting their trees, one glowing when the other is interacted with.

Each part has a ceramic body with glass ends, giving the pieces weight and a feel of quality, whilst also giving an air of fragility, hinting that the tree is something to be cared for.